The difference is simple. The coffee you currently drink is just coffee. It probably tastes great, warms your tummy and gives you that spike of energy you've come to rely upon. But again, it's just coffee. CAFÉ 2.0 is coffee evolved...

We take premium blends of coffees, teas and cocoas and then fuse them harmoniously with one of the greatest organic gifts nature has to offer. What we're left with are beverages that are unparalleled in taste, aroma, sensation and most importantly enrichment.

The 3-FOLD Enrichment

Enrichment is at the heart of what our company and entire line of products represents. Our mantra is "Enriched living" and by definition this means adding greater value, restoring elements lost or depleted, and increasing desirable qualities to your life and your living.

A boost in energy is something every coffee drinker has come to expect from each cup of their warm brew. But how often is a single cup enough? How often is there an up, and then a down? For some, the energy coffee brings is even oft described as the jitters. Not a pleasant condition in the least.

Café 2.0 offers a refined energy. A sustained, pure, and clean gusto that allows you to take-on the day's challenges with strength and vigor. It has the same amount of caffeine, but no jitters -- no ups and downs -- just a smooth and enduring zest. Something you simply don't get from normal coffee.
Revitalization literally means restoring vitality or 'life' to your body. You've got to admit that's something that most of us want, right? Eating a healthier, more balanced diet and taking vitamins and supplements are steps towards revitalization, but often easier said than done.

Café 2.0 is about merging your revitalization efforts with a behavior you already possess: drinking coffee. By combining a relatively undetectable botanical ingredient known as Ganoderma Lucidum with your favorite beverages, you get double the benefit. Great tasting coffee and hundreds of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in each and every sip. No extra effort required. How's that for convenience?
Few would argue the point that coffee is indeed a "social" beverage. Consuming it can almost be an "experience" for many... an experience that sweetens through sharing with friends, family and colleagues. But the social benefits enjoyed through the sharing of normal coffee can often be short-lived and "in the moment".

Café 2.0 brings with it a new dimension in sociability. Much like the energy our beverages provide, this sociability is one with sustained or recurring benefits. The act of sharing in and of it's self is personally rewarding, but Café 2.0's ingenious sharing model also rewards you financially -- and keeps on rewarding you financially as more and more people share the concept with others. Through the power of referral marketing, Café 2.0 provides a vehicle for people to build a stream residual income by simply doing what they are already doing... sharing coffee!

There's a 50/50 chance you're among the ever-increasing group of North Americans that seek-out a cup or mug of coffee each and every day...maybe even several times a day.

Café 2.0 picks-up where your current coffee leaves-off. Same gourmet taste, same comforting sensation, but then a whole lot more.

Learn more about the amazing Ganoderma Lucidum that truly empowers and fortifies our company and beverages with the CAFÉ 2.0 EFFECT.