Business Tools

To assist you in building your virtual coffee franchise, we’ve assembled a comprehensive platform of tools which you can instantly leverage as an affiliate of Gano Excel. These turn-key systems help you and the teams you build to get up and running in no time and well on your way to continued success. Here’s just the shortlist:

Powerful Online Marketing Tools

Available 24/7/365, an online presence means you’re open for business anywhere and anytime. Gano Excel prides itself on providing its affiliates with a wide array of online marketing sites to choose from. With the ability to enable multiple web sites concurrently, you can cater the message you deliver to your exact target market. From leads capture sites to full-on e-commerce shopping sites... the options are plentiful.

Convenient Product Sampling Systems

Experience has shown that the fastest way to build your Gano Excel business is through exposing the amazingly delicious and effective products. Unfortunately, traditional sampling can be costly, inconvenient and overly time-consuming. Gano Excel offers a sampling system that is unrivaled in the industry. Whether you pre-buy the assembled sampler packs and distribute them face-to-face or you have Gano Excel send them out on your behalf, product sampling just got a whole lot easier.

Effective Marketing Collateral

Chances are, you most likely want to be spending your valuable time making people-connections and building your business NOT working with copywriters and designers. For this reason, Gano Excel provides all of its affiliates with a number of collateral pieces that can be affordably purchased and used in your marketing efforts. From product sampler cards to informational mini-brochures… Gano Excel has it all.

Comprehensive Business Management Suite

Coordinating a growing team or a running a successful business can often be daunting for many affiliates, especially the first-timer or someone relatively new to the world of business. Gano Excel’s full-featured Back Office Suite takes a lot of the complexity, hassle, and confusion out of managing a business. Through comprehensive team reports, commission recaps, convenient ordering and contact management, our Back Office system gives you the tools you need… when you need them.

Toll-Free Informational Hotline

As much as we’d like to believe that everyone is on the Internet nowadays, this is simply not the case. For this reason, we provide a toll-free hotline that plays pre-recorded information for people you’re looking to introduce to the business. Available 24/7, this informational hotline covers information regarding the product, the opportunity and the company. For a demo of this amazing tool, click the link below to have the system automatically call you at the number of your choice. Click here to demo the information hotline.