Leow Soon Seng

Founder, Chairman of the Board

Call him a visionary, the man behind the mushroom. Mr. Leow founded Gano Excel in 1995 and has been the driving force of the corporate mission to "Bring Health and Wealth to Every Family." As a research scientist, Mr. Leow first became interested in orchid plantations and the medicinal properties of various mushroom (fungi) species in Malaysia in 1983. Twelve years and several studies later, Mr. Leow founded Gano Excel™ as a way to promote the healthy qualities of the Ganoderma Lucidum or Red Mushroom. This quiet, unassuming professor has built Gano Excel™ from a small farm in Malaysia to one of the most formidable network marketing companies in the world. It is his unique qualities and commitment of vision that will secure Gano Excel™ as the solid company it is now and in the future.

Gano Excel’s presence in North America is led by a committed team of executives with the same innovative spirit of their company’s founder. Their diverse backgrounds have positioned Gano Excel to be a major contender in the marketplace.